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Montessori Education Week


 You are invited to join others in the Montessori Community throughout the world to celebrate the qualities of Montessori Education during Montessori Education Week - the last week in February every year -

February 25 through March 2, 2024


Celebrating 117 Years of Montessori Education

Let's get planning -  Add it to your 2024 - 2025 school calendar 

(Plan ahead - MEWeek is February 23 through March 1, 2025)

Montessori is such a wonderful form of helping students develop and learn that we need to shout if from the rooftops. Ok, maybe not rooftops. This page has a number of ways to advance the cause of Montessori Education. This also gives student, parents and teacher a way to tell and trumpet their own excitement about Montessori Education.

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Ideas to get started

  • Press Release

  • Press Package

  • Radio Announcement

  • MEW Flyer

  • Let's get all 50 State Governors, Presidents, and Country Government Officials around the world to declare Montessori Education Week in 2024.  (a great project for Upper Elementary or Middle School student)

  • the 116th anniversary of Montessori Education.  (See Challenge below)

  • 10 state proclamations and 3 city proclamations were obtained in 2007.

  • Let's beat the record in 2024!

  • Get your state listed in 2024!

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The Challenge

Our goal is to have a proclamation for “Montessori Education Week”

From all

50 Governors,

·       State and Local officials, 

·     Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Dignitaries around the world

Steps to getting a Governor's proclamation:

  1. Call the Governor's office directly and get the name for his education contact.  

  2. E-mail this person as to the steps necessary to obtain a proclamation

  3. Click here for a Sample proclamation to email

  4. Click here for a Sample letter mailed to the individual state representatives and senators once the proclamation was declared. 


We are always looking for new and exciting Montessori Education Week ideas.  Let's connect.

Please email us: 

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