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Secondary I and II
12 through 14/15 and 14/15 through 18 years

Adolescence is a strange and exciting time in an individual's life. Brains and bodies are changing, as well as self-concept, personal connections, and attitudes. All of this is important, because educators of adolescents must know this age's needs and help them develop the best of who they will become.

Training to become a Secondary I (12-14/15 year-olds) and Secondary II (14/15 - 18 year-olds) involves learning how to deliver curriculum, how to use Montessori methods to enhance academic and personal growth for each individual.

Adult learners will experience Montessori techniques in training that they will be able to use in their own classroom with students. 

Secondary I and II Staff

Tim's Pic.PNG

Tim Fickenscher

I consider myself a "tender". I tend my garden, which I love. I've tended students from preschool through 95-year olds. Being a classroom teacher in Special Education, and then a Secondary guide in both public and private Montessori secondary classrooms meant I got to tend a lot of things. I tend my time to include gardening, reading, cooking and some travel with my wife. I do love to teach.


Alice Roberts 


I have been trained in lots of Montessori levels. I am both AMS and AMI trained. I taught Special Education, Montessori Junior, and Senior High. I taught in both public and private schools. Tim and I taught together for 15 years.

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