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Montessori Overview

The 24-hour Overview class provides synthesis of Montessori’s theories of the following from infancy through 18-year-olds:  Planes of development, sensitive periods spontaneous activity/self-directed learning, fundamental needs and tendencies, preparation of the environment, preparation of the adult, characteristics of Montessori lessons and materials, cosmic education.  This class is a pre-requisite for registered Infant & Toddler, Elementary and Secondary adult learners planning to complete one of these courses and do not have a Montessori Early Childhood credential.  This class is also an excellent overview for Montessori school specialists, assistants, and Administrators who have not had previous Montessori training.


The 40-hour Overview class includes the above with additional 12 hours of learning about the Early Childhood, Elementary, Infant & Toddler, and Secondary curriculum.  These additional hours are a prerequisite for registered Elementary and Secondary adult learners planning to complete one of these courses and do not have a Montessori Early Childhood and for Secondary adult learners, a Montessori Elementary credential.*  Again these additional hours are wonderful for Montessori school specialists, assistants and Administrators to acquaint themselves with the Montessori’s spiraling curriculum seeing the progression from birth through secondary.

Required text for this course:

“Together with Montessori" by Cam Gordon. This text is available for $17.00 (includes shipping at a regular first class rate). To order, email or call 612-296-0579. Accepting check or Venmo. 

*To complete the required  40 hours of overview for elementary and secondary adult learners without an EC or Elementary credential, 4 hours of observation in an EC classroom is required for Elementary candidates, while 4 hours of observation in an Upper Elementary classroom is required of Secondary candidates. These observation reports are due before the practicum experience begins.

Overview Staff

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Lindsey Werner


My adventure in Montessori began at the age of 18. Since then, I have had the privilege of experiencing many different aspects of Montessori. Most of my time has been spent as a guide in Early Childhood and as a 3-6 Language, Sensorial, Cultural and Classroom Leadership Trainer for the adult learner. I have also been able to experience being a director of a privately owned Montessori School, a Lower Elementary Guide, a Montessori Coordinator in a public school setting and an owner of an in-home Montessori. For me, Montessori has become a way of living, it is a practice which keeps my mind in the present moment and supports my creativity in order to meet the needs of each child. I am honored to work with the staff at Oaks Montessori Teacher Education and will be serving as a Co-Director, an instructor for the Montessori Overview and an Early Childhood instructor in Language, Cultural, Classroom Leadership, Observation and Art.


Gretchen Latimer


I will be teaching the Montessori Overview and Early Childhood Sensorial and Math. I have been a Montessori teacher for 17 years. I taught EC for 11 years and then went on to get my Elementary I and Il training. I currently teach in a 9 - 12 classroom, but I credit my experience teaching EC with giving me a solid foundation in Montessori education and a deeper understanding of how children learn. In my spare time, you will find me running my 2 boys, Rylee (11) and Oliver (8), to their activities, reading, or doing yoga.


Deb Cryier


A Montessori child herself, Deb Cyrier comes to the Oaks with literally a lifetime of Montessori experiences. Deb holds AMS/MACTE Early Childhood and Elementary I-II credentials in additional to a Master's Degree in Education from Xavier University with a focus in Montessori Education. She has worked extensively in public and private Montessori schools in northern IN prior to moving to Kershaw County, SC where she serves as the Head of School at the Montessori School of Camden, a MEPI accredited,  award-winning, charter program/licensed childcare center that serves Infants-Adolescents.  She served on the board of the United Montessori Schools of Indiana for nearly 10 years and co-lead the work to get the MACTE Montessori credential recognized by IN Department of Education and is now on the board of the South Carolina Montessori Alliance. She has presented at numerous state and National Montessori conferences and has served as a teacher educator and field consultant at both the Early Childhood and Elementary I levels. She holds IN and SC professional educator licenses for both teaching and administration and was recently awarded the 2023 Charter Institute at Erskine's Distinguished Administrator for Exceptional Students. Deb is married with three children, all who are/were raised as Montessori kids since birth. 

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