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Montessori Overview

The 24-hour Overview class provides synthesis of Montessori’s theories of the following from infancy through 18-year-olds:  Planes of development, sensitive periods spontaneous activity/self-directed learning, fundamental needs and tendencies, preparation of the environment, preparation of the adult, characteristics of Montessori lessons and materials, cosmic education.  This class is a pre-requisite for registered Infant & Toddler, Elementary and Secondary adult learners planning to complete one of these courses and do not have a Montessori Early Childhood credential.  This class is also an excellent overview for Montessori school specialists, assistants, and Administrators who have not had previous Montessori training.


The 40-hour Overview class includes the above with additional 12 hours of learning about the Early Childhood, Elementary, Infant & Toddler, and Secondary curriculum.  These additional hours are a prerequisite for registered Elementary and Secondary adult learners planning to complete one of these courses and do not have a Montessori Early Childhood and for Secondary adult learners, a Montessori Elementary credential.*  Again these additional hours are wonderful for Montessori school specialists, assistants and Administrators to acquaint themselves with the Montessori’s spiraling curriculum seeing the progression from birth through secondary.

Required text for this course:

“Together with Montessori" by Cam Gordon. This text is available for $17.00 (includes shipping at a regular first class rate). To order, email or call 612-296-0579. Accepting check or Venmo. 

*To complete the required  40 hours of overview for elementary and secondary adult learners without an EC or Elementary credential, 4 hours of observation in an EC classroom is required for Elementary candidates, while 4 hours of observation in an Upper Elementary classroom is required of Secondary candidates. These observation reports are due before the practicum experience begins.

Overview Staff

Peter J Larrow.jpg

Peter Larrow

     When I think about my over 40 years of work in Montessori education as an Early Childhood teacher and School Administrator, the statement that Maria Montessori made about not looking at her but looking toward where she is pointing – to the child, sums up my Montessori life.  I entered the Montessori field in an effort to provide the best possible learning experience for children and in the past 35 years I have been guiding Montessori teachers to focus on the child through my work as an instructor and director of numerous Teacher Education Programs.  

     I have had the privilege to serve on the MACTE Commission, Chair the AMS Teacher Education Committee, be a member of the AMS Board of Directors, and a speaker at Montessori Conferences throughout the US and Asia.  I always keep the developing student (child or adult) in mind through the decisions I make. One of the greatest compliments that I received was from an AMS Board member who stated to me “it is clear that you are an advocate for children”. 

     There is one other word that would sum up my Montessori life, FUN.  As one of the children in class asked me one day “why is it that everyone in this school, including the teachers, have fun”?  Isn’t that what life and learning should be all about?

Rosann home on deck.JPG

Rosann Larrow, MAE 

     Family and “the child” are two words that define my 49 years in education and specifically in Montessori. In High School and College, my educational dream was to make learning easy/ fun for students, so they wanted to learn. In Montessori I found a way to challenge students to discover learning for themselves. 

     I am AMS-credentialed Early Childhood and Elementary l-II and have taught students ages 3 through 12 years in my 43 years in Montessori.  I have lectured for various Montessori Teacher Education Centers and presented at conferences throughout the United States and in Asia. I am passionate about sharing the Montessori Math materials/lessons and Philosophy for the EC and Elem I - II levels. For Oaks I will be sharing EC Philosophy, EC Overview, and Elem. II math and geometry.  

     My adult learners continually say, "Now I understand and enjoy math and am eager to share the lessons with the students and support them in becoming ‘Math Discovers’” (an article I wrote for Montessori Life). When not helping parents and educators to see and support the potential in each child; I enjoy spending time with my three grandsons and their families, traveling, camping, crocheting and just relaxing with friends. 

What people are saying...

"As I was preparing my environment today I reflected in all the assignments, discussions and realized how much I've learned. So Thank you!"



"From this workshop I have picked up more Montessori vocabulary that I had previously never been presented to me. I feel that I have gained a more in depth understanding of my role within the environment and with the children. How to better prepare, observe, support and engage, or not engage, with the child. Also, how to better present the Montessori philosophy to new assistants and parents that are unfamiliar with it."



"The one thing I valued from this Workshop is that I was able to share my ideas and experiences and got feedbacks that will help me shape into the teachers my students deserve."



"I really valued learning how close special education and Montessori methods are. I am excited

to use my background in designing and implementing specialized instruction to students in a

new environment that has been specifically designed to meet their needs."


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