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Professional Development Workshops


Montessori Overview

This workshop gives an overview of everything Montessori. Our staff will cover Montessori philosophy and how each level, from infants to adulthood, use the material and techniques to meet their developmental needs. You will learn the rationale of this phenomenal and integrated learning system.

Image by Kelsey Weinkauf

Special Education in the Montessori Classroom

This online workshop will help Montessori guides and administrators begin to understand a bit about learning differences, including learning disabilities, gifted, autism and more. The workshop will also cover the process from identification of learning difficulties to some ways to improve the way these students learn. The federal laws covering special education will be reviewed.

What People are Saying

Kaya Loyd-Frederick

A well of information about the motivations of a child, what I can do as an adult to ensure a safe, stimulating environment, as well as have a deeper understanding of the layout of a Montessori classroom.

Shay Risner

I really appreciated how this workshop touched on all of the grade levels and gave a really

good overview of the complete Montessori method. This helped to give me a deeper

understanding of the full learning experience for Montessori students.

Simona Petrean

From this Workshop I valued the opportunity,  patience and support I received from the instructors to study at my own pace on all these Modules. Thank you very much!

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