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Below are a number of ways to celebrate Montessori Education Week. We have activities for the community, for students, and for families. A few things to remember:

1. make this enjoyable,

2. publicize, publicize, publicize the wonderful attributes of Montessori Education,

3. sharing the responsibility decreases the workload and increases creativity, and 4. enjoy the process.

Click on the underlined word in each section to download the Activities.

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Community Activities

Community is such an important Montessori Concept. From sitting "on the line" to community meetings to parent meetings to going out and immersions are all examples of community. Getting the word out on the greatness of Montessori Education, and going beyond the walls of the school building helps the smaller school community, the larger community of city, county, or state as well as the students themselves. Click on "community" to see a number of great community ideas.

Student Activities

Let students beat the drum for Montessori Education Week. It is their education. Upper Elementary and Secondary Montessori students can handle a lot of the letter writing, phone calling, and planning (with a bit of supervision.) Click on "students" for student activities.

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Families are an integral part of who Montessori students are. Including families gives parents, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles a chance to spotlight their students' and your school's excellent Montessori Education! Click on the word "Families" for ideas.

Peace Education Lesson 

Dr. Montessori was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. She believed that a peaceful individual (child) was an example of how classroom, adults, communities, and nations could and should exist.

Dr. Montessori was exiled from Italy by Mussolini and exchanged letters with Mahatma Gandhi. Here is one peace lesson, although the thread of "mindfulness" runs through most of her lessons, writings and trainings.
Click on the word PEACE for the peace lesson. 

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"peace dove' by Jeff Attaway

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