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Elementary I and II       6 through 9 and 9 through 12 years old

     Montessori called the child at this age the “Reasoning Child”. While the years between birth to six were known as the age of “absorption”, between the ages of six through twelve, they have a great thirst for knowledge. In fact, between the ages of 8 through 10, a child has the greatest capacity to mentally work than any other time of their life. Not only are they enthralled with the “why, how, and when’s” of the universe, the elementary age child evolves into a more social being and wants to know how to work with others fairly and with justice for all.
     The child between six through twelve is stimulated to learn through the imagination with exciting stories about the creation of the universe, evolution of life, the arrival of humans, as well as the development of language and mathematics. The elementary age child is also encouraged to become part of a classroom community by taking responsibility for its physical care, through cooperation with their peers.
     Daily class meetings are held which each participate in developing a daily schedule with time for large group, small group, and independent learning sessions. The typical core curriculum of Mathematics, Language, Social Studies, Science, Arts are offered to children but also practical living and “going out” experiences are part of the day as well.

Elementary I and II Staff


Mindi Eineichner


My Montessori journey started when I enrolled my daughter in a local Montessori school.  My Biomedical Engineering education had me employed with a medical device company, training health care providers on new pacemaker and defibrillator technology.   My daughter's education inspired me to pursue Montessori training.  Nearly ten years later I received an Elementary 1-2 Montessori credential.   I have been in the classroom for four years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I have never worked so hard and it has never been more important.  There is nothing better than observing a child find success, confidence and the love of learning.   


Ashley Steurer


I have been in Montessori education for over a decade. I have taught in primary classrooms, a mixed lower and upper elementary classroom, and a lower elementary classroom during this time. My Montessori journey began by accident when choosing my major at Xavier University. I hold my 3-6 and 6-12 MACTE-AMS Credentials. I have previously guided adult learners through lower elementary cultural classes. At Oaks Montessori Teacher Education, I will be a Co-Director and will be teaching cultural courses at the elementary levels. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and am trying to learn the art of keeping plants alive.

Rosann home on deck.JPG

Rosann Larrow  

     Family and “the child” are two words that define my 49 years in education and specifically in Montessori. In High School and College, my educational dream was to make learning easy/ fun for students, so they wanted to learn. In Montessori, I found a way to challenge students to discover learning for themselves. 

     I am AMS-credentialed Early Childhood and Elementary l-II and have taught students ages 3 through 12 years in my 43 years in Montessori.  I have lectured for various Montessori Teacher Education Centers and presented at conferences throughout the United States and in Asia. I am passionate about sharing the Montessori Math materials/lessons and Philosophy for the EC and Elem I - II levels. For Oaks, I will be sharing EC Philosophy, EC Overview, and Elem. II math and geometry.  

     My adult learners continually say, "Now I understand and enjoy math and am eager to share the lessons with the students and support them in becoming ‘Math Discovers’” (an article I wrote for Montessori Life). When not helping parents and educators to see and support the potential in each child; I enjoy spending time with my three grandsons and their families, traveling, camping, crocheting, and just relaxing with friends. 


Barb. Jens

​I began my teaching career in 1978 by teaching traditional first through third grades until 1985.  I then accepted a position as a Montessori teacher for Millard Public Schools and taught lower and upper elementary multi-aged classrooms until 2011.  I have Elementary I and II AMS credentials and was an AMS teacher trainer for Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute from 1995 through 2019.  I have trained teachers in Montessori Philosophy and Child Development for Infant-Toddler, Early Childhood, and Elementary courses.  I have taught Music and Movement for EC and Elementary levels and the Elementary I and II core courses of Math, Geometry, Language, Grammar, Physical Science, History, Geography, Biology, Classroom Leadership, Curriculum Design, and Practical Life.   I have taught all of the above courses in-residence, however,  since 2005 I have enjoyed converting these classes to blended models, with online components followed by in-residence follow-up.



Becky Edwards

Montessori started for me 29 years ago as a student teacher in a Montessori classroom. It was that experience where I fell in love with Montessori and haven’t left the classroom since.  I am AMS credentialed in Elementary I and II and was a trainer for the Mid-America Montessori Teacher Trainer Institute for 19 years. In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, long walks and spending time with my family.

Oaks Montessori Teacher Education has applied for affiliation of its Elementary course by the American Montessori Society and been granted AMS Applicant Affiliate status.

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