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How to do a Montessori Education Week

These are a few of the millions of (or more) ways you can celebrate Montessori Education Week. The more involvement you can get outside of the walls of your school the greater the impact. Encourage your students to come up with their own ideas. The ideas here may be a good kick-off for more ideas.  Thanks.

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Ideas to get started


  • Press Release

  • Press Package

  • Radio Announcement

  • MEW Flyer

  • Let's get all 50 State Governors, Presidents, and Country Government Officials around the world to declare Montessori Education Week for 2024.

  • the 116th anniversary of Montessori Education.  (See Challenge page)

  • 10 state proclamations and 3 city proclamations were obtained in 2007.

  • Let's beat the record in 2024!

  • Get your state listed in 2024!


Peace Education Lesson


When is Montessori Education Week?


Ideas to celebrate Montessori Education Week

Montessori Education Testimonial Wall

Please have students, parents, former students, graduates, teachers, and administrators write us about:

  • What they value from their Montessori Education

  • How they benefited from Montessori Education

  • Why they chose Montessori Education for their children

Testimonials can be sent to for inclusion on the Montessori Education Testimonial Wall.

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