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Below are a number of ideas and resources. 

Public Service Announcement

Have your students to a public service announcement. For the radio, it is just reading a script, but for a local TV station, it's being on camera. Some students and parents like to do that. A public service announcement may be a great way to invite a TV station or radio station to come to your school to do a public interest story. Click the button below to get sample P.S.A.s

When is Montessori Education Week?

Montessori Education Week is always the last week in February, every year. Click on the green button to the right to find out the dates for the next bunch of years. This will give you the chance to plan ahead for next year!

Resource Library

This AMI Resource Library has quotes, pictures, facts and other resources that are available for you to adapt and use toward encouraging others to understand Montessori education. It is well organized and easy to find useful tools for Montessori Education Week.

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