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Our mission...

striving to empower the future of Montessori trained educators through providing genuine accredited Montessori teacher education in a blended on-line / in-residency learning format. OMTE also enriches the Montessori Community by providing Professional Development opportunities.

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          Applications are now being accepted through June 1, for all course level applications and July 18 for Montessori Overview Workshops.

            Acceptance of applications beyond June 1, 2024 will be considered dependent upon space yet available within individual courses and workshops.   

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Statement of Inclusion

Oaks Montessori Teacher Education admits adult learners without regard to race, color, nationality, sex, age, learning style, physical ability, sexual orientation/affection preference, gender identity, marital status, veteran status creed or ethnic origin and provides all rights privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to adult learners as established by law.  The program will comply with the American with Disabilities Act and reasonable accommodations will be available to all applicants if the accommodation does not cause undue hardship to the organization or practicum site. Each candidate for admission is considered individually and no single factor will determine an admission decision.

A bit about who we are.

Oaks Montessori is pleased that you are visiting our site. We are excited to invite you to an entirely different world of education. Our adult learners keep asking, "Why didn't I learn it this way?" Dr. Maria Montessori developed a wonderful way to educate or help children educate themselves with materials and a philosophy that encourages learning and independence. 

A bit about who we are. We are a group of experienced Montessori teacher trainers and credentialed classroom teachers who worked together to form a vision for a blended, accredited training program. We had been meeting (online during Covid) and having a great time laughing, dicussing, and supporting each other. We decided that we should open a training center, and we did. And after a year and a half of creating a vision, designing a blended format, and developing our mission statement, we started our first cohort of adult learners in 2022.


We received our initial MACTE accreditation (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and U.S. Education Department) and AMS affiliation in December 2022. We offer classes and workshops.This group of teachers who started it all, is now offering Montessori courses and workshops. We are still getting together to laugh, discuss, and manage a teacher education training center. We're still having fun.


The following pages will explain the levels of training we offer and how our blended Montessori teacher training center operates.

Again, thanks for coming to our site to check us out. 

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AMS Full Accreditation for I & T, EC, EI, EI-II, SI, SI-II.

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MACTE Full Accreditation Initial status for
I & T, EC, EI, EI-II, SI, SI-II.

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